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Training in curvefever (Adventure mode)

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Training in curvefever (Adventure mode)

Hey! I came up with this idea as i was playing against a bunch of noobs, and i was just starting to practice by taking all the difficult paths. The idea: Sort of an adventure mode in the game, that comes up with different challenges such as mazes and different obstacles which will increase your maneuvering skill and make you more fit to play the game. The "adventure mode" is really just a way to put those things into the game in an interesting way.. The thing about it is that, the further you get in the "adventure" the more difficult the "levels" will be... The main thing of the idea is the training with, mazes, obstacles and stuff which ofc. will be in singleplayer mode.. or..? maybe not..? 
This could also be an alternative way to earn coins..! or to get more premium members, if you lock some levels for nonpremium accounts. ;)

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Good idea, i was thinking about somethin among those lines too. You can post your idea in this topic:

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this adventures mode is in nokia3310 games section try that, you should better focus on decreasing lags, understandting that makes them get higher and deleting something