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Unable to get team game achievements

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Unable to get team game achievements

Me and my friend are playing a lot of team games lately and we noticed we can't any of the team game achievements:

Cooling downCooling down
"Survive 5 rounds in a row on team Cool."


Warming upWarming up
"Survive 5 rounds in a row on team Hot."


The avengerThe avenger
"Win a team round when you're the only one left on your team vs. the 4 players of the other team."


A couple of times we survived the whole game in both team cool and team hot (against some low-ranked players), it was 10-0 for our team and we didn't get any achievements.
I am sure I was the only one left in my team while there were 4 enemies, a couple of times, and I survived until the end of the round.

Are these ways not correct to get those achievements, or is it really a bug?


Are you sure that there were no guest user in that game?

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I am sure, everyone was ranked, so no guests. There were minimum 10 powerups used..



That sounds weird? Try ask an mod, to get explained what to do to get the achivement or report a bug to them. Another option is to find the achivement. I believe there is a guy who posted how to get all the achivements in game

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That's Pandemic (here) and that's where he got the description from.

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Can someone tell me, why is inposible to get achivements Cooling down and The Avenger?

I'm trying to get them last 2 days, but I can't..

I've made rooms with settings: Team, unranked/ranked, 2v2,3v3,4v4, scaling/full field, with basic/special/costum 10+ items. These are requestments for getting achievement (as I know).

For "The Avenger"

I've tryed to just camp while my team kills opponents, and after they kill them, I was still alive (only me in my team).

I've tryed to win game 1v4 while all from my team has left the room.  And nothing of this things didn't work...

For "Cooling down"

I've tryed to play many games in cool team.( I don't know does it matter do I in cool or hot team for getting this achievement), Also I've tryed to let opposite team few rounds and than won all rounds to the end of game, but its not helping...

I really don't know what else should I try to get this 2 achievements, so please, if someone knows, how to get them, tell me in here, or add me in game and you can explain me there

Thank you very much.



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There may have been issues with that which we were aware of before, sest. I'll pass it on, thanks.



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I also had something like this, I played and got rhe achievement of survive 3 speeds,we did all achieve rules(no guest,10 items and this..)
Than I took 3 speeds, survived, I had the message down that I got the achievement, and after the game I look for the achievement and it wasnt there... pls fix this :S

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You had another issue, but as I see you didn't read my answer.

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