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Winner of the first official June tournament is...

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Winner of the first official June tournament is...

Hey everyone,

Thanks to all who participated in this tournament! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Almost all, who signed up, appeared, which gave everyone the same starting conditions, thanks to all of you!

The finals were really close and the tie-break lasted for many rounds. In the middle of the finals 2hot4u had the lead, then Armani Banani took over and stayed there almost until the end. However, Baby Shark and Xanax’ were able to catch up and both were only one point away from the victory. In the end Armani Banani and Baby Shark ended up with the same amount of points as runners-up, congratulations! Both of them played consistently well. Armani Banani has proven over and over again that he’s a very strong FFA player in every game mode. Baby Shark was probably the underdog in this tournament and due to an unlucky coinflip in the second round he had to play four games in the play-offs, but always managed to be in the top three!

Congratulations to all the players that made it to the finals!

As a quick reminder: I have zero tolerance for teaming and focusing in FFA and will disqualify each player behaving in that manner in the upcoming tournaments!

Here you can find the schedule: SCHEDULE
Here you can find the video of the finals: VIDEO
Here you can find the video of Ken and Kirk commentating the finals: VIDEO

A huge thank you to 'Alicia for helping me to fill the schedule. Without her it wouldn't have gone so well! heart

Also special thanks to Ken, who streamed the finals and commentated it together with Kirk, awesome work guys! laugh

The next tournament is going to be 3v3 None on Saturday the 29th of June

I hope to see you all there! :D


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team america top 16%
Clan: Anne

Amazing tour, lots of fun, enjoyable final with plenty of twists and what a winner banner. Two words: Pure class.

1v1 america top 64%
team america top 6.3%

That banner got me good :'). Congrats DognageFX

Master Rahl.