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Shut Down American Server

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Shut Down American Server

Since there are maybe two games per day on the American server, it should be shut down. A lot of the newer players that first sign in may think the game is completely dead because they don't know how to change servers so just getting rid of that server may help boost players on this game and save money if it costs anything to keep that server up.

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1v1 america nr. 3
team america nr. 9
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Yeah but then less people would click the big banner that takes them to CF Pro lol.


Hey Nitro this is supposed to be a civilized conversation alright. No bashing curve fever because then this topic willl get locked and they made the greatest game of all time!

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@Cluxsy, to explain it better you should link the rankings.

For today there are 994 accounts listed for FFA, 46 for team and 509 for 1vs1. That means that only 994 accounts played a FFA game at the last 3 months(If I remember correct, this was the time when you disappear from the rankings).

This number doesn't fit perfectly, as you don't know how many guests played on the american server(increasing the total number of active players) and how many of those 994 accounts are 2nd accounts(decreasing the total number of active players). However, it is a clear indicator that the activity there is dropping a lot(about a month ago there were 1,6k accounts listed at FFA).

The european server is still big enough, but also there is a clear decrease visible. EU FFA rankings include 30312 accounts for today ->30k accounts were used to play atleast one FFA match at the last 3 months. This can be compared with some old numbers. There is an outdated website of CurveFever: Here you can read the number of "50.000 players every day". I think I don't need to comment the difference between those numbers :D



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