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An Error has occured

I am playing cf 2 on firefox, as for me it works the best. For a few days now, i cant login via firefox, it loads the page, but the login window, where i can enter name and password, wont pop up, only the "An Error has occured" message. So basically, it is a black screen.

All other Browsers are still working, well for me its too laggy on them, my line always goes straight, i tried to reinstall firefox, but it did not help.

I have deactivated every security my crappy laptop has (windows firewall) still nothing.

I tried this cleaning option of firefox, but also did not work, anyone has an idea, or similar problems?


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Same problem as I said on discord week or two before... Unplayable...

Thank you for reaching out to us!


I have tested it out for myself to see if the same error occurs. It works fine for me; thus, we can assume that nothing is wrong with CF2 itself. This also leads to the fact that CF2 is not broken on Firefox, but the issue is specifically on your local device.

There are a few things you could try to fix this. However, I can’t guarantee you that the suggestions below will solve your problem.

  • Update your Firefox to the latest version or try to downgrade it to an older version and see if that helps.
  • As a temporary solution you could use a different browser. By adjusting the priority of the other browser to ‘real-time’ in your task manager (activity monitor on Mac), it might speed up the other browser enough for it to be less laggy.
  • Test if Flash is still working fine, use the following site to test if Adobe Flash Player is properly installed on your system If it isn’t, you’ll find links to additional troubleshooting resources there. After you have completed the process, try running the game and see if it’s fixed.
  • If Flash is working fine for you, remove every Firefox add-on, it might interfere negatively. Uninstall and delete everything regarding Firefox from your device, including the folder where Firefox is saved. Then you will wipe out everything for a clean reinstall. Reinstall Firefox and test it again.


Hoping this helps you out! Feel free to keep us up to date whether it succeed or failed.

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