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Important Question.

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Important Question.

Hi all world of cf :)

i have an important question to ask

What i have to do to become a moderator?

Can anyone teach me please?

We'll se on game HF&GL


Clan: KOLL


How to apply

If you think you are the right person for this role, we want to hear from you. Here’s what you do to apply:

Write us a short(!) cover (motivation) letter
Include your CV - We’d like to know who the person behind the username is
Include your usernames (forums, games and Discord)
Send an email to that includes the above.
Make sure the subject line includes the following: “Moderator application: [write the role you’re applying for, here]”.



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Clan: KOLL

If there are open positions at the modteam, the leadmoderator(usually) will publish a topic at the forum announcing the open spots. However, even if there is no topic(for CurveFever 2) at the moment, you can always send a speculative application.



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Thank you very much for your constructive comments NOWODNY2!


Closing topic, question has been answered in the comments above.

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