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Dear Szymon Łuczka

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I'm not a person to comment so much and neither to read them, but this shocked me. I gotta say I read the majority of these beautiful comments and learned that even if this is just a game, we need o treat us with education and to enjoy the game the best we can. We never know what happens tomorrow. This man is and will always be a big part of this community. A small but a wonderful community that I will never forget.

R.I.P. Vito


I will never forget our time.

R.I.P. my brother from Curve fever.

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A lot to say but I lack proper words...
I am sorry this world could not keep you safe Szymon. May your journey home be safe and peaceful, may your soul rest in peace. 

With love, Andrea (or Long nails miss as you used to call me...)

R. I. P my friend
DonVitocorleone... ❤️


Some of the comments were really heartwarming to read, this made me realize how small this community really is. 

Im sorry for everything Vito, wish things were different.


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Team Poland World Cup Champions!

Spoczywaj w pokoju mistrzu (*)



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Last time We have seen each others was my ignoring, ignoring your being the kindest human in game, just like you were in real life I believe. I will never forget it. I will never forget our plays for last 2 years!

Now I understand why you wanted to talk so much with everyone, everything is with a reason. I see now we have something in common, that would be the soul, sometimes lonely, but still fighting for a happiness.

In the end I would like to say, that between our two, I was in 99% times close to him, talking to him, but.....the last time I ignored him that was the last 1% I didn't respond to him, and that was on purpose because I was so weak to do respect that time and answer him on the all things he wanted to hear.

I feel so sorry now and thank you for everything my friend, for reminding me to be kindest to everyone, no matter what situation is.

Good people are leaving us, to teach us how as real human we should to be!

Boss Szymon, may your the most beautiful soul rest in peace. We will never forget you.



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We didn't talk much. We were not the best friends. We had our differences and that ended a few times in insults. Nevertheless you were always quick to be positive, respectfull and set discussions aside to complement me the next day. A personality that is an example for everyone. I still have to tell you a few things, but that is now to late. You have left us way to early. I am touched about all these heartwarming comments, tears fell on my hands reading it. 

RIP Szymon

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Dear Szymon,

It has been an honour knowing you Don. I will remember you as a friendly, emotional, kind and lovely person. I will miss our daily chats, our intensive curve games, our beer evenings, my chess loses...but most important I will miss you as a person. 

I would like to thank every player for their kind words in this topic, tears are coming up reading this... I think Vito would love to see all these heartbreaking comments. You really touched the whole community, Vito!

He logged in on Curvefever to have fun, to talk with friends, to be loved.  In this community he could be himself, a loving person who wanted to be loved. He became a legend here, by his skills and by his personality. There were some players in this community who weren't nice to him, they didn't understand him. It's easy to spread bad words behind your computer screen, but think about the consequences. We are all just people who love the game, love the community, love the persons in this community. Please keep the love you guys share here, keep it in your real life and your curvefever life.

You were an amazing person, I have great respect for all you have done. You will be missed,  I will never forget you my friend!! <3

Much love.


My name is Jeff.

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miss u Vito 



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Dear Szymon,

We hope you are in a better place now.

Maybe I was not always your perfect match, but what I look up to so much is your interest in everything and everyone.
I could not always take that well, but you always had good intentions.

I like the chess games we played, you liked it as in laughing at me, I liked it as in for me it was quite a nice challenge haha.

You made the community unite, who would have thought?

This shows the impact you have on the game, you had in the game and how many people do care about you.

You will be missed, by all of us.

Our condoleances to all family and friends.

- Mike and Simka

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Rest in peace Vito.

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Most people are already doing it, but for the next tournament everyone participating should wear the clantag "Vito", in his memory. 

-suggestion ;/


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Vito, you were a kind and friendly person. It hurts a lot to see you go. I enjoyed the times we talked and played and I hope we would have talked more. You made this game a better place for many people and your jokes and humor made many people laugh. The way you talked was unique, it was very comfortable and I miss it. I hope you also enjoyed the time you spent here. You were an important part of this game and the game won't be the same without you. There aren't many active players but you were one of them. We are all happy that you have been here.

You were also one of the best players. Many remember you as a good speed player, but you were very good in other modes too. I watched how you played the 3v3 none tournament final this year and I saw that you played really well. You were also third in the camping competition. That was very well done. You reached the final of tournaments many times in ffa and team and you were very close to win. I wish you had won. It was a matter of time when it would have happened.

I can't believe you are gone. It is very sorrowful and makes me very sad. But Vito you won't be there alone in the place where you are now. We all will come there one day. You will never be alone again, I will remember you forever. When I'm older I might forget a lot about this game but I won't forget you. You were one of the greatest people here.

I want to express my deepest condolences to Vito's family, relatives and everyone who was close to Vito.


So I say farewell my friend, I hope we will meet again.

Goodbye Vito

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I didnt knew Vito on a personal level. I've only just saw him casually playing speed. I guess everyone that played curve fever in a daily basis knew about him. But even though i didnt knew him on a personal level I could see his passion for curve fever and his kindness everytime he joined a lobby and talked to random people. It amazes me and cheers me up to see so many people writing these warm, lovely posts. Cf has gotten a small community  and it are moments like these that shows us how much we care about each other even tho we get angry at each other sometimes. We should all never forget that this is more than just some other people on the other side of this network. We should sherish the moments we have with each other on this game and bring love to this community.

Rest in peace Szymon.





i blame lag

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One of the few players who had my sincere respect...

One of the few players I've ever written with...

I still can not believe it and I'm in shock that he is no longer among us...

The sad story of an excellent man...

Rest in peace, buddy!

I will never forget!

Your Petra :)


Szymon. I did not know you very well, in fact, we only spoke once, I remember very well, that time I played 4v4 gs, but I made many mistakes and, despite this, I never criticized or judged and we won that game, after I spoke He has a great person, after a few months, he used to tell my friends that he seemed the best gs player and he wants to be like you playing good gs. My biggest condolences to the relatives of Vito.

Thanks for everything, we will always remind you <3.

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Dear Vito.,

I believe that everyone has a second life. I also believe you can read all these messages from the place you live from now on, so keep in mind we all appreciated your presence in CF and we will miss you a lot.

I'm very sad to hear that you left us so fast. You have significantly participed in the CF community, with your time and spontaneous talk in general. I remember the way you were communicating with me and with the other people in general. You were always honest and natural ; you never hesitated to express your personal thoughts and I really liked it. Even if it could sometimes hurts, it aimed to improve ourselves and the CF community, globally.
Thank you for that, Vito., I'll miss it.

You were very active, for playing but also to contribute in the CF expansion by sharing suggestions for tournaments and special events.
Thank you for that, Vito., I'll miss it.

And then.. you were also a very benevolent person. I remember that you were putting all your efforts to help your friends when they had a problem.
Thank you for that, Vito., I'll miss it.

You deserve a peace place. I wish you the best and I'm sure you have already met some close persons. Be again a benevolent person, your family and all your friends need you. Help them like you did.

Thank you again captain Vito.

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Sadly it's just a question of time until this gets deleted.

Join my CF2 and CF2 remastered discord!

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It's been a shot in the dark 
nothing left there to see,
 its been heartbreak of mine
why dont you take look at me.

You can think of M.Jackson he makes this type nonsense :O

Well sorry, but as hypnotist you can't worry for such things. Time and crystal clear mind is important. 

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Ayyy vito... Thanks for those spectacular tricks and those chess days. A great player but a better person ... quite hard days for the community

Dear Szymon,

Today I came back to CurveFever after 3 months. And the first thing, which I heard, is that you passed away. Im still shocked. It hurts and I cant believe this. We didnt talked much together but i spectated you many times and enjoyed your skills. You are one of the best speeders in CurveFever. I wish we could talked more and played more together. I hope that you are in a better place. We will miss you Vito! Legends will never die! 

Rest in peace Szymon <3

Cheers Skiller

Clan: HC

rip vito.