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Official 2v2v2v2 tourney

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Official 2v2v2v2 tourney

hello guys,

2v2v2v2 official tourney could be very funny and new to make. Tournament moderators, would it be possible to do it ? For example 8 player + 1 spectator who counts per game (in ffa mode or maybe in 8v0 team Idk, have not tried)

I think it is possible,


@Geert: By any chance you read that, just create this mode with your dev team, I do not think it is gonna take long and it will enhance cf2 a lot.

Clan: KOLL

8v0 won't be possible, as the game checks after every death, if there is somebody alive at both teams and as there is no member at the other team, the round will end with 7 players alive(+ it would be an endless game).

Also it's nothing new, Anna already hosted two tournaments like this 3 years ago and 2,5y ago:

First time a 2v2v2v2 mode was suggested, was back in 2012 and it was never implemented, so when the developers don't do anything at all at CurveFever 2 now, I think the chance to get this mode is around 0% ±0




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Clan: oof

Thanks for your response.

The tourney you mentionned are unofficial. I meant something OFFICIAL, that motivates people and gives a real competition.

I guess it will not be coded now but I think it is a big mistake to not have done it back in the times.