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Dear Szymon Łuczka

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Dear Szymon Łuczka

We are all here today, your friends and your family to tell you goodbye and farewells.

It's always with great difficulty to learn the death of an interesting person to be arround.

All your friends are here for you whether in the game or in the life, we present our most sincere condolences to the family.

Your death, your funeral are not the end of life … No, your departure is the beginning of a new life in another world … A mode makes love and happiness … Some people call it the paradise.

Rest in peace, the life lasts only one moment... Love for the deceased's is eternal... We shall not forget you

All the forms of condolence, the shared sorrows, the mourning that begins, always include thoughts for you in our hearts so that our memory of you will never die.

Leave a comment to honor this man

BrutalSzymon for ever in our memories


Clan: Boss

Very nice said Gwen. Vito will never be forgotten. I still can’t believe that he’s gone. At such a young age.. this live is so unfair sometimes. Rest in peace Szymon. I would like the comunity to do something in honor for vito. 

Clan: Boss

I would also want to add another thing. I have done it too in the past and I regret massively. Be nice to each other in game even in life. You never know what for effect it can have for the other person. Let’s take this as a massive lesson

Very well said Gwen - I could not have honoured him in a more gracious way with words myself. 

I am happy for the moments I was vito's friend in game. He was someone who searched for friends and an innocent soul.

A great man was taken from us so young. 

Rest in Peace DonVitoCorleone :(

Clan: T2G

He is that person who you would think will never leave. He's had his ups and downs with almost all of us in this small community, and we will all remember him dearly by those memories.The game will never feel the same without him. Rest In Peace bro.

Hardcore Speed wrote:

Very nice said Gwen. Vito will never be forgotten. I still can’t believe that he’s gone. At such a young age.. this live is so unfair sometimes. Rest in peace Szymon. I would like the comunity to do something in honor for vito. 


I have suggested on Tuesday to Jaan and a few others to make a tournament in his honour. A tournament named after him, and the winner donates the crown to vito's account in his honour. Vito deserves to be champion.

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Clan: Boss

It’s tragic that he passed away and I hope he will forever Rest In Peace ♥️ My thoughts and condolences go to his family 

Let this be a reminder for all of us to treat each other with love and friendliness, because you never know what people are going through irl. One day they could be gone. 

I also think we should honor his memory in cf, since it was a part of his life up until the day he passed away

Take good care everyone and appreciate every single day

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Im still in shock about those sad news. When I heard about it last night,I realised that life is unfair..I was out with friends enjoying my time, but I feel like Don never had any of that. He tried to be a part of something, tried to fit in, but was unable to do so.
I still remember the first game I met him in game, he was a very kind and nice young man, but over the time he seemed to get more and more frustrated. But there was nobody who really understood him and it was hard to reach out to him. All we can do now is keep him in our hearts. We miss you my friend

I think you said it right BlackYellow. He was a nice man but became frustrated. I always made sure never to take his frustrations as something negative but something positive as I could see his want to be loved and accepted and I made sure I did that for him when I could.

Its sad that hes gone, never to see BrutalSzymon online again.

Make sure you give love and acceptance to those around you, and especially to those that need it most.

Take notice of are the subtle cries for love and acceptance as at most times, those cries may be masked by what seems like something else. 



Clan: Vito

thats why he didnt reply to me on facebook... omg he was a good friend...What happened wtf he had such a calm life :( RIP DonVitoCorleone! Totally shocked the guy i was talking to on skype and stuff i had to visit him some day is... Łukasz będe tęsknić mordo do zoba na serwerze niebo dla vipów :( <3


I realized you played your last game with me. You were not happy as everytime when I made us lost 2v2 speed game. Still you always were very nice to me. You greet me everytime even when I didnt same to you. You gave always somekind of energy for all in this game and now its gone. I know many people understand you now better and nobody have nothing against you. Rest in peace friend.

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I am a nerd, but not a smart hipster, more a thinker, full of brain-ghosts. I am not surfing on any fashion cliche-retro-wave, I am surfing in the internet. Search reading frames for real eyes, to read books and write texts and not to take photos and show me on Facebook. And sometimes I feel like I am different and alone, nobody seems like me and nobody seems to be close. A place thats suits me - it does not exist. But why am I different and what else has to happen? I mean, what am I doing wrong? I just want to belong. But where belong? And what does that even mean, because we are all different and therefore the same again. And it is about the content, much more than the form. It is about the invidual case, much more than the norm. It is not about Physics, its is about imagination and above all, it is about the what, much more than the how. It is also about knowing each other, more than we were lonely and it is not about what separates us, it is about what we have in common. It is not about winning, but that u fight, it is not about the beat, it is about that u dance. It does not matter what we have, it is what we make out of it. It is not about the joke, it is about that we laugh. It does not matter what we wear, how we smile, how we rhyme. It is about what we say, if we are real, what we mean. Maybe it is not about the happy ending, today only about the story. Maybe it is not about whether I am different, it is that I am me. Maybe it is not about capturing the whole world and understand everything, maybe it is about saying "hakuna matata" and just like to live. Because it is about the content, much more than the form, it is about your or my individual case, much more than the norm, it is not about physics, it is about imagination and above all, it is about the what, much more than the how. 

And what does that even mean? Someone is weird and strange, these are just synonyms for something special and unique. Someone tells you "you are different", then think for yourself "being different is not wrong, it is just a variation of right". And who delimits others, limits himself. If u make others weak, u do not think you are strong. I open my heart and let life in, because I think I am good enough. 

And then i meet YOU ... and you see me and you perceive me, you are with me and there for me, you take my shadows and make the view clear, you make me truly and visible. 

And maybe at the first glance I am not so cool, maybe even boring for some. But I like to hear you talk and I like your sound because I like you and how we turn the world around and that makes you beautiful to me. And I find my place and I find my space in the smallest common intersection of your and my world. We are our smallest common multiple, we are what  holds us together and we both, we are more than the sum of our parts, we are both so much more than the hours we share. We are both so strange that I have just looked at it. It is about the content, much more than the form, it is about your and my individual case, much more than the norm, it is not about Physics, it is about imagination, and above all, it is about the what, much more than the how.

He was the first who knew my favourite pianist :D

And the only one, who managed to destroy me in chess.

I miss you

Clan: Vito

don was a monster at chess, well it was my last friends at this game between all enemies, no more reasons to even be at spectator or sth cya

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Clan: r5

Join my CF2 and CF2 remastered discord!

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Clan: NF

"No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye. You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why."

Our friendship goes back into the early days of curvefever. I was priviliged to get to know you the last 4 years, and we had a great time together. I remember the long snapchat conversations we used to have. It really upsets me that you are no longer with us anymore. It honestly feels a bit unreal, like you are going to appear online any second to play with us. I have nothing but great respect to how the community is responding. I'm sure you would be smiling right now if you'd see all this. In this way I want to thank you for all the good times we had. My sincere condolences to all your friends and relatives. May we meet again.

Rest in piece Szymon<3

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Averazon on 31 October, 2018 - 14:52

"In a world where everyone wears a mask, it's a privilege to see a soul"

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Clan: Yuky

There is a time when we should hear the certain calls
'Cause the world it seems it's right in this line
'Cause there's a chance for taking in needing our own lives
It seems we need nothing at all
I used to feel I should give away my heart
And it shows that fear of needing them
Then I read the headlines and it said they're dying there
And it shows that we must heed instead

We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's start giving
There's a chance we're taking
We're taking our own lives
It's true we'll make a brighter day
Just you and me

Give in your heart and you will see that someone cares
'Cause you know that they can feed them all
Then I read the paper and it said that you've been denied
And it shows the second we will call

We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's start giving
There's a chance we're taking
We're taking our own lives
It's true we'll make a brighter day
Just you and me

Now there's a time when we must love them all
And it seems that life, it don't make love at all
But if you'd been there, and I'll love you more and more
It seems in life, I didn't do that


We are the world - Michael Jackson


"We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let's start giving..." 

This song will always be one to go back to, as it has such an important message to the world - to us

life is short, every single day we wake up is a blessing, and with that blessing we should return the favor and bless others. We should strive to make the world a better place; ALL OF US. Lets join hands to make a brighter day, give whatever you can - happiness, hope, kindness, courage, motivation, etc 

cuz nobody knows the day they will go

be gone


and ever 

- R.I.P. BrutalSzymon - 

We will forever remember you mate <3



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I hope you're in a better place where you get all the love that you deserve Szymon.

Thank you for everything. You'll always have a spot in my heart, we will never forget you.

Spoczywaj w pokoju Szymon!♥


W takich sytuacja ciężko jest ubrać w słowa co się czuje... Jak ciężo jest zrozumieć że życie może skończyć się tak szybko. Jesteś jedną z niewielu osób z którą zaczynałem przygodę przygodę tutaj i z którą znałem się do chwili obecnej, spędziliśmy na tej bezsensownej grze ogrom czasu, po mimo różnych kłótni i sprzeczek trzymaliśmy się razem. Jeszcze kilkanaście dni temu zagraliśmy świetny turniej wraz z Charlie, naprawdę ciężko mi w to uwierzyć... Dla mnie zawsze pozostaniesz żywy, jak dla wielu ludzi tutaj, którzy pokazali świetnie w tym momencie jak zgraną grupą jesteśmy po mimo wielkich dystansów! Nie każdy musi to rozumieć, więc dlatego piszę w naszym ojczystym języku. 

Na zawsze w pamięci przyjacielu!



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Oh my god. Although I didn't know you very well in this community we recently had our chats about certain things. You were proud of me of my camp in the full competition. I noticed you were very friendly and active. I wish you farewell brother, I hope you are in a better place where you get the attention and the love you deserve. Szymon, we will miss you.

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Dear Szymon,

I want to apologise for not creating this post in very professional way - I just don't have many words...                   

It is a tragic loss and I still can't believe it happened. You were a great Curve Fever player, even more important, a good friend. You were always nice towards me, even if other players were not. You appreciated my unofficial events even if they were not organized as well as they should have been - that means a lot for me.  I think our friendship got stronger from time to time and I am blessed for having the time which I spent with You. I regret not accepting Your chess challenge against me - because I am not very good at it. I think I should have tried to play it against you even though I would have lost. Your chess skills were very amazing. I think that You were also one of the greatest players of Curve Fever 2.  My condolences to Your friends, buddies and family. May the soil be light for You.

Also, as Inge suggested, the next official tournament will be hosted in Your honour. 

We will never forget you and we will miss you.



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Shikon. on 31 October, 2018 - 16:46

Its Land M


Rest in peace vito :(


I got many goosebumps from reading what you manifested in other people, to write about you.

You were misunderstood, which happens to great minds.

A friend of mine played alot of chess vs you, you got them pretty startled, I'm sure they enjoyed your prowess.

That vid from Rawil, it showed,

A true corleone

Clan: LnLy

I don't know what to say, you will be missed.

Spoczywaj w pokoju :(


I’m shocked and heartbroken to find out about this tragedy. I did not have the honour of knowing you personally but seeing what a strong positive influence you’ve had on so many people here makes you immortal in our hearts and memories. 
On behalf of the team, rest in peace Szymon, we are honoured you were a part of this community! 

Clan: Vito

I Have fucking no word. Totally shocked. It is so sad.

To you my friend: I feel guilty because I was not even worried for one minute, only thought that you were in vacation as some said. But how find out? Not a single time I have thought that you could have this fucking disease; I chatted with you a lot of times, like every day on facebook and not one time I suspected it. Curve fever was surely a way for you to find some comfort online and I understand today why you needed to have a closer friendship. As I have already said to you, you were one of the best players to me, and I felt really confident every time I played with you. Your best quality has always been your amazing smartness, you impressed me more than a few time bro. It is so weird, I have never seen a picture of you, have never heard your voice, only messages, humor and fights, and yet it is hurting me so badly. You were someone bro, I will miss you so much for sure. You were one of my best friends on this game Don Vito and I will never forget you.

To the lucky living: Never forget that life is short. What a fucking deep lesson that Vito has let us. No news on facebook since few days, only obsessed by our minor problems we forget that all around us the world is moving. We forget that every day something terrible happens in this unfair world. We forget it every time we insult each other, every time we show disrespect, wickedness and aggressiveness.

Every message that you write dear community are beautiful, full of sense and would give a lot of joy in vito’s heart for sure. We all have to change our behavior definitely on this game. Especially online, people release all their rage by forgetting there is another human being on the other side of the cable. Empathy, relativity and kindness should be our most important skills every time we have contact with another living. I have failed this part many times in the past and I hope I will find all the courage and the maturity to achieve it.

I know that I can sound like a “lesson giver” on this message but that was not my intention, I just tried to testify how I feel right now after this terrible news. I hope some of my words will make sense for some of you.

Vito you will stay forever in our heart.

Ton ami,


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Clan: Mom


I still can't believe you're not here with us anymore. You were one of my first friends in cf, we played many times with each other. After a while I couldn't imagine curvefever without you. Always when we were alone in a room you asked me: '' Kid, why don't people like me'' and I always answered: I don't know don. You always maked fun of my age and told me you took care of children as your job. When we were together you pretended to be happy, but I knew you weren't. You were a wonderful person Szymon and I'm glad that I met you. I hope you're in a better place now and I will never forget our memories together.

Rest in peace.

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team eu nr. 46

It truly aches my heart to see that you are no longer here, Vito.. 

But I'm also touched that there's only love in this topic - It's what Vito deserves, it's what this game deserves and it's what we deserve. Please be kind to one another - we are a small community and we don't all get along, but always think before you speak. There should be space for all of us - no matter how different we are. 

I'll remember Vito for always trying to be helpful. I'll remember how he was so enthusiastic about teaching me tricks and skills in chess. He suggested two chessbooks and played many games against me, always fairing when I made a dumb move, only for me to make an even dumber move at my next turn. For him it wasn't important to win the match, but the social aspect, to be helpful and to have fun. I admire you for that Vito.

I'll remember you for choosing me when you were an olympic captain or last battle captain (I don't remember), even though I didn't qualify for the tournament. You believed in me and that's why you chose me. Many people believed in you too, Vito. Thanks for being a great person Vito.

I'll remember you for our 3v3 none tournament with Tox. back in march this year. We barely won a match during our practice games, but once the tournament started our teamwork ruled and we made it all the way to the finals because we believed. I believed in you and so did Tox. And you believed in us. A final which we lost 11-9. I remember one round we miscommunicated and it cost us the round, I was sorry for letting you down because you deserved to be a champion, but yet again you didn't get mad. You were just happy that we made it this far. You were a great teamplayer Vito and you will be remembered. <3 

Spread love! Bye Vito. You will truly be missed :(


A 4speed, 2kills 1 hole round.

Making it 6-3.

This must be the answer


Eventhough I did not know you as good as others did, it wasn't hard to see how good of a person you were. You were always kind, helping and caring for those that were kind to you. I admire you for always being so positive and sweet in all situations, trying to see a break in the clouds in a tough world, even for others, with enormous graciousness. Different from anyone I know, you were misunderstood sometimes and you deserved more appreciation. You were there to wish me the best in perpetuum and wanted to help/advice me without any second doubts. You were intelligent, inquisitive and loving in/for the world around you, and you'll now move on to a better and brighter place. Your soul was harmless, and I hope this happening of great magnitude will have a great impact on everyone's core belief on how to treat people in life. You will be missed Vito, your memory will be treasured. My condolences to family and friends.

In life we loved you dearly. In death we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place, No one else will ever fill.


I went over a few of Szymons comments on topics and as you can see, he was full of kindness and was very happy when with us here on CurveFever:

"Degolas marry me *-*"

"very gj Gweno gg wp deserved."

"NoFlavor so cute :3"

"nice icon firefighter bro"

"A nice summary mate."

"One sentence: respect him as moderator or say goodbye to the tournaments. And nice  comments BAXUID, Run. and Nitrogen Dioxide I agree."     

"G_master marry me and come to cf 2 u old madafaker, I have not seen you for centuries!"

and finally, one in which he sent to me

"bro show me ur skill tomorrow or tonight?"

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First of all, i didn't know Szymon as well as others did but we had our moment and chats.

I still remember the day when we played I had a blast and I could tell you were one special lad. I can't really believe it. That you have left the world at such a young age. We miss you and we will never forget you. You will be missed ! :(

Rest easy my brother <3

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Clan: KOBE

Was absolutely devastated to have heard the news about this. I really can't believe this is real, no words can express how I am feeling right now. When you realize you live in the same country, speak the same language, but somehow won't ever meet. I bet though, that Szymon would want all of us to not give up and carry on doing what we love. Create this amazing community, that he was a crucial part of. One day we will join you in your personal room on the other side(hopefully no password needed) and play with you again.

Rest in peace :(

Clan: Zee

I am speechless of what I've heard about... 

Been such a jerk to him, not knowing about his health issues etc, and being rude to him... Still, remember when we were active on the forum and I want to say sorry Vito for all the mean things I've said. I regret all the mean things I've said to you and I hope you have a wonderful time in a better place where you can be... Such a tragic death and you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Vito, I'm sorry. Still can't believe such death that can happen to you, quite emotional since this is the first death that I know about someone that died... tragically... And I thought you died from 'cancer'or suicide, but now I know that you have died in a car accident... Farewell Vito... 

R.I.P Vito 


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team america nr. 91

Szymon brother u will be missed. I remember the memories I had with u. U are such a friendly and lovely person. It was a pleasure teaching u camp u thanked me alot for it and i am greatfull. We laughed alot together even tho i can get angry sometimes u always stayed cool. U made me become a bettter person. U are the one that teach me play speed and I got alot better thanks to u.

I pray for u and your family brother. I will meet you in paradise God willing.

RIP, Speed Legend.

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Clan: Tali

Well, I just heard about what happened and personally I didn't know him very well, but I remember 2 times, we talked to each other.

The first time was about the full camp competition. He wanted me to record him, so he wrote to me on discord. When I read the chat again today, I felt very bad, because it seemed like I wasn't very friendly to him although he tried to get friends with me. I didn't notice it...

And the second time was in the playoffs round of the latest 1v1 tournament. We both knew that it wouldn't matter who would win the game, because in next round we would have had to play against Bloodred, so we enjoyed playing a lot. I searched for a recording of the game. Unfortunately I didn't find anything. 

I think we were some kind of friends although Szymon and I didn't know each other for long, but when we met each other, it was always fun to play and talk with him. In fact I always noticed him as a really good player, who was never very impolite to others: It's the oppositite. He tried to get friends with others who every they were. I'm sure he also had a couple of bad days and vines, but who hasn't? CF was part of Vito's life so was Vito a part of CF. I think we should honor him and keep his spirit alive.

I don't know if there's a life after death, but where ever you are Szymon Łuczka, I wish you will rest in peace.



ffa america top 49%
team america nr. 91

Nice message CarnageFx that made me tear up.

Clan: RovU

Dear Szymon, you are a remarkable and admirable unique individual.

You are smart, kind, unpredictable, funny, eccentric, and so very caring. And not to mention, your curvefever and chess skills were amazing. Curvefever will absolutely not be the same without you.

We have had many interesting, weird and truly enjoyable conversations in discord and pm. You were always able to put a smile on my face. It is hard to process that we will never have such convos again.

Rest in peace Vito.

I hope you come to a better place ♥


I’m so sorry, I am at a loss for words. I want to express my heartfelt condolences to his family and to all his relatives. I'm so glad to see Curve Fever players uniting themselves and spreading love and only love. It is absolutely what he deserves and what the game deserves. 

I will never forget the times we've spent together laughing and playing. I will never forget his great sense of humor. He made every moment fun and enjoyable. He would always sending me messages and finishing with "my english is bad I hope you understand me", and it was just really cute. He will be truly missed and forever remembered. We will surely miss the presence of a truly loveable and kind person. "C'est toujours les meilleurs qui partent les premiers" like we would say in french. 

He did a lot to the Curve Fever community, but I particularly remember him for his kindness. He was one of the kindest person I have ever known on Curve Fever. He was an amazing person, I am grateful to have had the privilege of knowing him. It saddens me that, while I was away from the game, I discovered that he sent me so many messages being really worried and asking me where I am. If only I knew... I regret that. I wish he knew I was perfectly okay. He used to ask me to play Chess games with him and I was always refusing because I wasn't much interested in it which was annoying him because he really wanted to, that sucks... 

Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory with love help his family and his relatives comfort tomorrow... My deepest condolences. Rest in peace little angel.

Averazon † † (not verified)

Yesterday evening a few people messaged me about what happened. I felt really confused, shocked and didn't really know what was going on. During the day, and especially the last few hours, I got to know what happened. Myself and the entire moderator team are feeling with your family, friends and the community.

Szymon, you passed away a lot too early. I never knew you on a personal note that well. I can see in this post how many people love you, care for you and will always remember you. You are not only leaving behind your family and friends but also your curve fever family. This is still the internet, but this community is strong and cares a lot for each one involved.

All these nice words always come too late. You will not be able to read these words describing how we feel, how we try to take care of each other and how we will remember you. One thing will be sure, you will be remembered. All the fun moments, personal and positive moments you had with other people in this community. You made friendships with people that will never be forgotten, which will remain forever. We must keep all memories which remind us to positive and fun ideas with you, because that's why so many people value you, care about you and why this community is going through a very rough moment.

Since I know how much this community values you and the lose, the moderator and dev team have decided to, as shikon mentioned; name the tournament coming up after you. As an extra we will delay the start of the tournament with 1 minute to take a moment of silence and remember you.

Each one of you reading this is standing in the same position, feeling shocked, sad and don't know what to feel or to do. Don't be afraid to talk or express your feelings. A community is here for each other in good times and bad times. I am feeling and praying along with your family and friends, whising them a lot of strength. May you rest in peace, you will never be forgotten, you were once a part of this community and you will always remain a part of this community, a friend, a player and most of all an amazing person.

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Geert on 31 October, 2018 - 19:14
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Clan: TOY

Dear Szymon Luczka,

It's hard to process what happened. No farewell words were spoken. You were different than others. That's what made me like you. Your sweet and calming words that said, "It's gonna be okay baby, you here now.<3". I wish I could tell you one last time how much you mean to me and how much I respect you.
No one will ever forget how loving and caring you were. You filled my empty evenings with your happy messages. I still can't believe that you're physically not with us anymore. In our hearts you are still alive. You're a wonderful person that doesn't deserve an ending like this. My love for you was deeper than you could imagine.
I'm still in shock and find it hard to realize that this is real. You have a place in my heart that no one will ever replace. Words can't describe the feeling I have inside of me. I hope you're in a better place now. One day we'll meet again in heaven. You may be out of sight, but you are never out of mind. May you rest in peace.

My dear Szymon, 

I've had trouble sleeping the past nights. Waiting for a message from you... until I heard the heartbreaking news.
You passed away, and I instantly got overwhelmed by emotions. "We play chess  soon baby" was one of the last sentences you wrote me, and I was really looking forward to it. You were more than just a friend to me. We had our laughs and shared some good and also some bad times, but most importantly was that I felt like I could really be myself when I was with you. I know you just went through a hard time, and I tried so hard to make things more bearable. I really hope I made things any better for you.

You will forever be memorized my dear Szymon.
You may be out of sight, but you are never out of mind.

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Vito and I had our bad and good and very bad moments.
There were times I made fun of him, trolled him, insulted him. He was a joker, and done the same.
One day he told me how he would like to kill me with his own hands if he could (yes I also insulted him back) and just a few days later he complimented my gameplay and my tactics while I didn't know it was him on that 2nd account. 
He told me how I was better than him and deserved the win.
This was at the last 1v1 gs tournament. I kicked him out of the tour knowing I can't even play the whole tournament and he was still so nice to me.

Once he told me who he is I got mad and instantly deleted him out of my friendslist because I'm a stubborn person. He in comparison was a very forgiving person. I and many others were at certain times unreasonable mean to him. Everyone knew his weaknesses like his poor but funny english, and they used this as an advantage against him in fights.

One and a half year ago, that was a time I was quite close to Vito. He spammed me every day and got mad when I didn't reply asap almost like he was my gf. Once we had this conversation how it was a very dark phase of his life and how everyone is a complete idiot to him. He asked me if I could help him "fake" his death to other curvers so he could see how they would react. If they really liked him or if he would be missed. He implied that no one would miss him if he was gone. 
At that time I got mad at him asking me to do this. I told him that CF can be a quite toxic place but there are genuine people who genuinely like him and he shouldn't take everything so personal.

On one side it makes me sad that he can't witness this reponse of the community and on the other side I'm happy that he was so wrong about that he wouldn't be missed.

When I heard of him passing away I didn't believe it for many reasons, some mentioned above, nor did I expect the kind and amount of response the community would have to this. I thought it would be mostly superficial and more a joke.

Yes Vito was a complicated person and he did have anger issues and more. But none of that makes him a bad person or his death less tragic.
He entertained me and tons of other people in CF even if it wasn't always intentional. There aren't that many people who made me laugh more than he did.

I like to believe that he is spectating us from above~


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Nice idea Averazon I can tell Vito wanted that title badly eventhough he didn't say it and he deserves to be champ more than alot of so called champs of today.

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Man R4W1L why did u wrote that? Made me cry again

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Spoczywaj w pokoju, Bracie
Nyugodj békében Testvér
Rest in peace, brother


Peace & Love


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I remember the first time we talked with each other roughly 2 years ago, You came and welcomed me very warmhearted, after some minutes we were laughing and saying we are two friends due to the historical friendship between Polish and Hungarian people. The friendship we were talking about became real and we had many-many funny and less good games also, but You never said a wrong word to me, not even when I knew, I would have deserved it. And now, it is really hard to believe that You won't talk to us anymore. We decided to post a picture of us together in the forums, and You told me that You aren't the most handsome guy on Earth.

I didn't understand, what were You talking about, I told You, You are a lovely, handsome man, with the most friendly smile, but You didn't want to believe it. I think everyone should remember You, like You are smiling in this picture.  
Rest in Peace Vito ♥  

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R.I.P. DonVitoCorleone/ BrutalSzymon/ Cat123   

R.I.P. Szymon Luczka

R.I.P. my friend from game


you leaved us too young.....




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A picture of the double camp we made! 

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Its Land M

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I just wanted to show everyone what kind of person he was and to show my appreciation to him.



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I didn't know you too well, but I did speak to you a few times. The times we spoke you were very kind and enthusiastic. We chatted a few times during tournaments and you really were one of the kindest in the community. You were truly unique and from the times I was with you, you shined light even in the darkest of times. I know you struggled through a lot and I know some players weren't always there for you when you needed them. I had the chance to tell some of the players who had treated you like shit to fuck off, but I didn't. I regret that poor choice and am angered by the fact that I didn't help make the short life you had more enjoyable. I wish you could read all of these comments, and see how much everyone cared. It's fucking awful how we never appreciate the wonderful people we have until they're gone. It's a cycle that's hard to break and I wish I had broken it before you were gone. You were taken too soon. Rest easy Don. 

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Rest In Peace, Szymon. You was one of my best friends in this game and now I also wanna apologize for being such an arsehole to you over the past 6 weeks. I remember so many fun games I've played with you, you were such a nice person to me, I really loved you. I hope you're getting now the attention you really deserve, you'll be definitly missed. It's really sad to see such a nice and young person to pass away at such a young age. Too bad I haven't had any time to say goodybe, but you will always be in my thoughts when I play curve fever. I will never forget about so many fun conversations I've had with you. Even after I came back to curve fever 2 after a break of 2 years you still knew anything about me. I really miss you dude, and I'm also crying right now because life can be so unfair sometimes. You was a really great friend of all of us and you'll never be forgotten. We love you, Szymon! <3


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So Relax.

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Hey boy..
but why?

I wish Heaven had visiting hours.

Imagining you in front of pc still,
hard to belive in all this.
I have a lot to say to you but i will whisper it on your ear.
Thank you.

(Return If Possible...)

With love,