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The Best for my Lovely Curvers

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The Best for my Lovely Curvers

Dear Curvers, Moderators, Developers and Staff,

The time has come to leave (not in my heart) the CF team again (yes, it's the second time) for similar reasons as 3 years ago. For some personal reasons I have to reduce significantly my time spent on computing (consequently in CF). I feel like the CF team is awesome with the great recent moderators and staff members so I'm confident for the future of CF.

I don't want to waste your time by reading my gratitude : I could write pages and pages... but I'm sure you have much better things to do so I'll be short: thanks to all you, keep peace, no hate, much love (remember several players have found their boy/girl friends on CF so it's important to behave and show positive attitude <3).

I wish you the best of success,
« Make your life a dream and your dream becomes a reality »

Destin. / Tanguy

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Aww, sad to hear that, you did a great job. Hopefully we will still see you ingame from time to time. :D



My time:

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Nicely Done Tanguy i wish you the best for the future, take good care of yourself!. I enjoyed the time played with you in tournaments and in normal matchs

ciao Brother



My top 15 cf2 legends, enjoy <3

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Hello Destin.,

Thanks for being a very good, hardworking moderator to support and to make this community to be as active as it can be. I just want to say good luck in your futuristic moments that you will have and make this game never forget in your mind. You've been the best moderator so far that I've seen and known for a while and I want to congratulate you for being such an honoured moderator to help out anyone that willing to need your help, as there wasn't a Lead moderator that time, but Averazon took it. Your time in CF has been great, and the times I've talked to you, and played with you was a whole lot of fun, and I enjoyed the matches. You've been a really big help to this community and I want to give you the biggest thank that I have in this game. 

T H A N K    Y O U !!! 


Good luck in future, and have a good life.


Silent Night. 

"Stupid is as stupid does." Forrest Gump

Clan: U

"Stupid is as stupid does." Forrest Gump

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You did fantastic work for the moderator team and the whole community, so thank you for that!

I'm sure the CF players and the CF moderator team will miss you ^^

I wish you all the best and don't hesitate the check the game when you have some time haha ;)

A great player, moderator and person! Destin.! <3


My name is Jeff.

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Nice words! Take care :)

Averazon † † (not verified)

A short time went by. The time that I joined the mod team with you was awesome. You helped (and still do xD )  me a lot and were an inspiration to me. It is sad to see you go but happy to see you pursue what's important. I speak for everyone when whising you the best and... make sure to come by and say hello from time to time!

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Geert on 5 April, 2018 - 09:27
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Wish you the best, take care!

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We got off on the wrong foot, but once I got to know you better I realized how kind and loyal of a moderator you are. I wish you the best, and may God be with you all the way!

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I said it privately and I'll say it again publically. You were an absolute joy to work with and your loyalty and commitment to the community and these games was inspiring. Furthermore, since I came on board as Community Manager in December, you were the mod I communicated with most. You helped me grasp all wonderful parts and intricacies of this wonderful group of people, and were instrumental in expanding it with, for instance, new moderators.

Don't be a stranger, and good luck with everything!

Community & Marketing Manager at Hidden Monster Games; working on Curve Fever Pro!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you destin. From working out, to working on cf pro. I know we made a mistake working on cf pro but we tried and thats the main thing. As for working out, yes our bicepts became enormous, so big that you can now kiss your own bicepts. Also, want to thank you for working on that ban button. All those times you banned me, i think 45 times, i much appreciate as it has made me a better curver. I worked on my skills, I worked on my manners, I F*CKING did i swear. I wish we could made remade cf2 together but unfortunately geert brainwashed both of us and the whole crew to make new games that dont appeal to us. Man i am gona miss u. See u in the ffa thin tour. If I see you i will give u camp space. Man, keep growin dem bicepts and please keep growing cf2 by you just being here. Eat, grow, sleep, repeat. Rep, set, Rep, set. Drink dat pop eye juice and bulk the f*ck up and sweat dem b*tches. Man, u are an inspiration.. i was always "destin-ed" to be like u, but sadly failed, as i had no power. Much respect, long live the king, muchos gracies. im not high at all.

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Papa bless *YES*

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