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LuckyRalf wins the February Tournament !

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LuckyRalf wins the February Tournament !

Congratulations to LuckyRalf for winning the February Combo Items Tournament. It was a very intense Final, where we saw a big fight between LuckyRalf and Run. who finished second. Also congratulation to Feuer Frei who got the 3rd place in a close duel with Mr.Dragon.!

A special thanks to the recorder Shenn' and NOWODNY2 who helped me out to find him :). I admit I was a bit nervous, when the tour started I was still not sure about who will record! Enjoy the video :

I hope you liked this new format. I did some mistakes in the organization but I had a lot of fun by organizing this for you guys <3. I'm curious and I would like to know what combo did you like most :

INFO : The next tournament will be organized by a tournament moderator.

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well done

gz, imo u had no rival this time :/

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Congratulations Ralf!!!! The best player on cf

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LuckyRalf is a beast, second time winning a tournament :3 (Ik it's not a lot)

- Ivan


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