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Curve Fever Pro releases 14:00, tomorrows! (26-02-18)

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Curve Fever Pro releases 14:00, tomorrows! (26-02-18)

We're super excited to finally release Curve Fever Pro tomorrow! To ensure that you don't call in sick at the wrong time, we'd like to let you know WHEN you can start playing.

Curve Fever Pro releases Monday, February 26th at 14:00 CET! Get ready to get your curve on!

All of us at Hidden Monster Games

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Oh my god I cannot wait!!!

oh i wanted to nerd whole night... thx for ruining my dreams :c

gonna snipe people with shooting module ^^ so cool

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14:00 and it says 24 hours NICE


It's been 14:00 CET for almost 3,5 hours now....

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