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Clan: NYXL

I am a bug called loser, I am sorry to Curve Fever community for everything.

Me aka volpex, Dejwit, lex lumos, That Nidalee, Cubelock, Lich King, Pegasus', Snay, Snaxdzik, Ignatious, Faker' and much more like sylvanix(trolled hardas i am a hot girl, shouldnt :c) tom riddle, oldcpu and cant really remember but there was like 12 more or sth. Yeah making new acc deleting it then again was so stupid right? x)

Just to make u know I regret that  I just feel pain in a** for many reasons, like wasted opportunities and other stuff because there was a time i spent most of my free time to improve here, didnt play a single tour and was all the time like " Oh if I played as serious as best player I would win every tour" yeah sure dude grow up lol and I can't really remember but there is much things i did wrong and shouldn't do that. Cringe right? And its my final farewell to Curve Fever, awesome game but recent years its a sad addiction and waste of time for me, time to change things.The only good thing I did is probably donating money to Geert and being sometimes nice to some people I guess? I am full of complexes x), cya have fun!

And Special sorry to some champions I called fake because I am jealous(i could move my a** and try to win one but i am ^), especially people like Gilnash, Anna, Biggest sorry to polish community. Idk what else to say so I think that's all if i forgot something then be sure I am sorry :/.

ffa eu top 1.4%
1v1 eu nr. 8
team eu top 11%
Clan: cf2

*Returns after 3 days like Augu*

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you don't owe us a goodbye thread or an apology.

see you soon 


np, see you <3

ye, cya soon cu nt