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Thursday dev blog

8 Sep 2016 - 09:54

Yesterday we did:

* NEW New progression screen after the game
* NEW Guest accounts can use already taken usernames
* NEW Global broadcast notifications so that we can notify you when the servers are restarting
* Balanced all the curves and prices
* Most likely fixed the server issues.
* Fixed several issues with sounds and music


 * Fix issues with the pick up powerup sound
 * Fix issues with the new progressions screen
 * Put extra CF3 server live, so we can go live tomorrow!


Curve Fever is nominated for the Dutch Game Awards!

6 Sep 2016 - 13:48

We are so happy to announce that Curve Fever has been nominated for the Dutch Game Awards. The jury has nominated Curve Fever 2 in the category "Best Casual Entertainment Game". We are so proud we are nominated, it means a lot to us! On the 27th of September we will know if we have won, although the competition is fierce. Do you think we can win?


Get your shadow beast gift

1 Sep 2016 - 21:27

For our players who supported Curve Fever the past months with a donation, we have made a gift. You can get free gems, or when you have spent more than 4 euro, get a free Shadow Beast Curve! To get your free Curve Fever gift, you can visit your profile page and press the Claim your reward Tab

Then relog in and enjoy!



Unlock the limited Shadow Beast curve

22 Aug 2016 - 21:27

Curve Fever 3 is going to be released upcoming Monday! To celebrate this event, we have made a cool new curve: The Shadow Beast curve. The Shadow Beast is a one of a kind curve that always lingers in the shadows and always draws a dark grey line. The only way it shows it true color is by its deadly teeth. It is a stealth curve that is very difficult to spot and ideal for quick assassinations of your competitors.

A cool gif of the Shadow Beast curve in action. Note that it goes faster in this gif than it does in the real game!

The Shadow Beast curve is a unique curve for Curve Fever 3 and can only be obtained by spending 4.99 euro or more in Curve Fever 2. But you have to be quick, because this offer ends on the 28th of August!

Read more about the details in the first comment.


Reserve your username for Curve Fever 3

16 Aug 2016 - 11:40

We want you to play with the username you like. Therefor we made a tool that lets you reserve your username for Curve Fever 3. You can do so from today till the 28th of August. Go to "My Account" and then press the "Reserve username CF3" tab. Follow the instructions and you will be set up and ready for Curve Fever 3.