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Curve Fever is hiring a Tournament Moderator !

30 Aug 2017 - 01:10

Hey Curvers,

The Curve Fever team is in need of a new tournament moderator to help organise and run official Curve Fever tournaments.

What will you do ?

The tournament mod should have at least one day free per month to run an official tournament. This needs to be consistent throughout the year and involves getting players to sign-up, making a fair schedule and being in charge of the tournament on the day. You will also need:

- handle criticism
- be active in the game to create a bound with the players
- ability to cope with pressure and multi-tasking
- being open to feedback
- good English language skills

How to apply ?


Dev blog: tweaks and improvements

4 Dec 2016 - 09:22

Hi guys,


It  is so cool to see all your ideas in the feedback and bugs section. We really read them regularly to see what is the most wanted features in the game.


The upcoming week the holiday action will start! More on how it will work in another blog post :)


As for the other things we are working on, we are working on a lot of smaller features, being:

  • Retina support
  • Matchmaking in arena games
  • Save settings online (not in a cookie)
  • Profanity filter
  • Put Custom games as an option for new players on login
  • Give lag to the laggers, instead of to the rest of the players. This means that input from a player that is delayed too much, will be accepted by the server, but by a maximum delay. 



Competitive games in Curve Fever 3

5 Dec 2016 - 11:45

Hi guys,

As you know we are working hard on improving Curve Fever 3. We would like your input on how we can best incorporate competitive play in Curve Fever 3.


Our roadmap

To do so we first need to explain to you how our roadmap looks like for Curve Fever 3. It basically consists of:

  1. Matchmaking based on rankings
  2. Iterate over rankings
  3. Implement friends
  4. Implement teams and so that you can play team games with a party/friends
  5. Add more options for custom games
  6. Implement XP

We would like to ask you the following quesion:


How to implement competitive play in CF3?

As you know, Curve Fever 3 is a tad different than Curve Fever 2 in its setup.