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Curve Fever

What does Curve Fever mean to you?

13 Oct 2016 - 11:36

Hi guys,

We would like your help to develop Curve Fever further. To see which direction we need the game to go to, we want to hear your voice. We would like to ask:

What does Curve Fever mean to you?

What is it that you like about the game?


Tuesday dev blog: new game mode: Knockout

27 Sep 2016 - 11:46

We are happy to announce that we are going to add our first new game mode to Curve Fever 3: Knockout mode.

Knockout mode is a new mode that consists of 5 rounds. Each round the player with the least amount of points is knocked out, leaving 1 player less for the next round. Each round, the amount of points per kill also increases. It will be very exciting to go through all the 5 different stages of the knockout and see who can eventually win. Players who are knocked out can quickly find a new match, and don't have to play a lost game anyway.

We think we will be finished with the new game mode by the end of next week.


Thursday dev blog

22 Sep 2016 - 15:28
  • NEW Added a new role for chat moderators. (People will be promoted over time, you can submit an application for this role on the forums)
  • NEW Reward for the 4th position in arena games
  • NEW You can report players. (just click on their name in chat)
  • You can now ignore players by clicking on their name instead of using a command.
  • Chat messages are logged so that moderators can punish players for spam and such.
  • Fixed refund notification not showing proper amounts.
  • Fixed text on the podium so that you can see it for players with a white color.
  • Some minor UI changes, mainly for the chat.
  • Muted users can no longer use /me
  • You can no longer see /me messages from ignored users.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the servers to crash from time to time.

Monday dev blog

19 Sep 2016 - 20:13

Updating servers in a few minutes for the new patch [v0.1.8]

  • NEW Chat channels and chat ticker to display chat messages even when the chat is closed.
  • NEW General chat channel where you can chat with everyone, everywhere!
  • NEW Queue chat channel where you can chat with other players in the arena queue and see how many others are in the queue.
  • NEW You now get gems by playing arena games.
  • NEW Purchase buttons show the gem cost if you don't have enough coins.
  • Fixed a bug with referrals where the reward wasn't actually rewarded. (Previous referrals will still be rewarded!)
  • Fix moderation commands like mute and such
  • Fix commands not working with guest accounts
  • Lobby sorting for custom games is improved. Your last room is shown on the top and password protected rooms are grouped together.
  • Scoreboard on the side now shows shared positions

Tuesday dev blog

14 Sep 2016 - 10:11

Today we will work on:

  • Fixing a bug that doesn't allow players to buy the dragon or the rocket
  • Earning gems in arena's
  • Some players don't know that you can buy all items with gems. We will add the gems on the buttons

This week we will work on:

  • Global chat
  • Queue chat, were you can chat with other players waiting in the queue
  • Refer a friend system
  • Social media referal

New Curves Live

13 Sep 2016 - 16:30

We've moved the achievement requirements for the shop products.

Everything is moved down 1 level. This means you can now purchase up to the ghost with the achievement for arena 2 and up to the snail with the achievement for arena 3. The rewards for achievements have also been modified a lot.

Tomorrow there will probably be a new patch with other features.